Good to know before your visit

A self-guided tour

The tower is only accessible through 400 steps.

The first half of the trip takes place inside the building and contains narrow, steep stairs and pathways before you get to the vantage point and stairs outside. Therefore, it is essential to consider each other when climbing the tower.

As a result, the tower has capacity limits due to narrow stairs, pathways and many visitors, which is why prior booking is recommended.

The church

The church is open daily from 11:00- 15.30.

Please note that the church is closed for sightseeing during services.

Prior booking

Access to the tower is limited during crowded hours because of narrow stairs and pathways. Therefore, we recommend prior booking here or on to avoid waiting time for purchasing tickets on-site and to reserve a spot in the tower at a preferred time.

Our staff can require online booking upon arrival during busy hours if the maximum visitor capacity has been reached. 

Weather conditions

The tower closes for safety reasons in the event of precipitation and strong winds.

The exterior staircase must dry before the tower reopens as the steps are made of copper and, therefore, slippery after precipitation.


An adult must accompany children.

Companion card

Guests with disabilities must pay for entrance, but with a valid companion card, the companion can get free access.

Bags and luggage

Due to narrow stairs and pathways, luggage and larger bags are not allowed in the tower.

It is possible to store bags and luggage with our employees to a limited extent and at your own risk.

Lost and found

Lost property found in the tower is stored in our back room. You can always reach us at or + 45 41 66 63 57.

Acrophobia and claustrophobia

We do not recommend visiting the tower if you have acrophobia or claustrophobia.

The bells

Please note that the bells ring every day at 18:00, during services and on holidays and every Sunday at 10:00 - 10:02, 10:15 - 10:17 and 10:27 - 10:30.


There is no elevator in the tower.


Please note that there are surveillance cameras in the tower for safety reasons.


Graffiti, stickers and padlocks on the railing are considered vandalism and will be reported to the police.

The exterior staircase

It is prohibited to hold loose articles over the railing on the exterior staircase.

Food and beverages

Food and beverages are not allowed in the tower. However, water is allowed. 


Smoking is prohibited - including the platform and stairs outside.


It is prohibited to bring alcohol to the tower.

People under the influence of alcohol will also be denied entrance.